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The VA Home Mortgage Loans Company offers low rates with no down-payments needed. People love the VA home loan program for VA refinance and streamline to veterans online. Shop loans from approved VA mortgage lenders striving to offer great VA rates and service online. The VA qualification is simple for qualified veterans or active military personnel. Take advantage of our experienced VA mortgage lenders who understand no money down mortgage loans for home buying and refinancing.

  • VA certificate of eligibility
  • Ability to make your monthly payment each month.
  • No VA Home Loan Defaults
  • VA Loans for Primary Residence
Current VA Mortgage Rates

See VA Mortgage Lenders posting the current interest rates daily. Check the latest VA home financing updates with a no cost loan quote whether you are refinancing or considering purchasing a new home. With interest rates on military house financing this low all Vets should consider using the VA benefits for home financing.

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  • Refinance into a Fixed VA Loan
  • Lower VA Streamline Rates

Consider mortgage rate locks for VA streamline, rate and term, cash out or purchase money loans. VA interest rates remain at historic low levels. Savvy veterans love to skip a payment or two when they Streamline refinance their VA mortgage.

We are the VA Home Loan specialists that provide premium military mortgage loan options. Our experienced Veterans mortgage team takes the pain out of home financing and our discounted military mortgage programs make the loan process even more worth your while.

The VA loan guidelines are more forgiving as the underwriters may be more understanding than conventional lending so even if your credit score is below 600, there is a good chance you will qualify for a VA home loan. Ask a lender today if you meet the criteria for military lending. We offer a full suite of VA mortgages.

100% Home Loans

Military vets across the country and overseas are qualifying for the zero down home loans. VA mortgage applicants can select from fifteen or thirty year terms. Most Veteran borrowers opt for the 30-year loan term for debt to income purposes. The 30 year VA mortgage rates are so low it's hard to justify not locking in now. One of the great benefits of being a veteran is the VA guarantee for home loans. Since our government insures VA home loans to 100%, mortgage lenders and new home buyers have little to lose.

If you're a veteran and you have an adjustable rate mortgage, we strongly recommend the VA house loan. Now is the time to utilize your VA certificate of eligibility and utilize a VA refinance to lock into a fixed interest loan while the VA rates are so low and affordable.

  • 100% VA Loans with No Money
  • No Monthly VA Loan Insurance
  • Top Rated VA Mortgage Lenders
  • New VA Home Loan Programs

Compare VA mortgage lenders offering home loans from $100,000 to $729,000. The loan limits vary depending upon state, county and cost of living associated with your region. Loan limits for high cost states like California, New York and Maryland were raised recently. California VA loan volumes continue to lead the nation. Find out which VA mortgage loan meets your needs and qualification.

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Low VA Mortgage Rates

Rates can fluctuate and credit score, loan amount, and debt to income ratios can affect the qualifying VA mortgage rate so apply now before interest rates rise. VA mortgages do not require additional mortgage insurance, unlike FHA. So each month you will save money because your loan payment will be set with a fixed rate with no extra payments for insurance. Of course with these 100% loans there is no down payment required. The refinancing options are exciting, so military veterans should take advantage of these financial benefits now.

Getting a VA Loan - The first thing to do is to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from their regional VA office. If you do not have this Certificate, you will need to apply for a VA loan using VA Form 26-1880 and this will require a copy of DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) showing character of service. Learn what it takes to qualify for a VA mortgage program.

The Department of Veteran Affairs, through the VA direct loan program supplies home financing to eligible veterans in areas where private financing is not generally available and helps veterans purchase properties with no down payment.

Many finance experts argue that VA home loans are the best mortgages available in 2016. In most cases, VA mortgage loan programs are only options for zero down home mortgages and stated income refinancing. Get started with your VA mortgage loan today. Fill out the free loan quote form on this page or call us directly. A reputable VA mortgage lender will provide a mortgage pre-approval letter to help facilitate your home buying needs.

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  What Is a VA Loan? VA Home Loan Benefits You Should Know

1. Can You Still Skip 1 to 2 months of mortgage payments?
2. No out of pocket expenses to you
3. No Appraisal Loans Available
4. VA Loans not affected by declining market values
5. Quick Escrow check refund
6. Close in as little as 10 days
7. No credit check or income verification needed to qualify
8. Bad credit mortgage options may be available
9. No income documentation required for VA Streamline
10. No equity required with VA streamline refinance

The VA does not provide any lending services, but they do guarantee that the qualified vets repay of the loan or they will pay the insurance portion of the mortgage that poses the most significant risk for mortgage lenders. VA rates are low, so ask your VA lender for more info specific to your VA loan eligibility. Also consider the FHA program if you have no VA eligibility.

The home financing opportunities remain attractive for military borrowers. Find out if you are eligible for a VA home loan today and compare pricing and terms from America's competitive VA mortgage lenders online.