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Compare Military Refinancing Loans for People with Low Credit Scores

One benefit of a bad credit VA home loan for service members or their families is that this types of financing requires no exact credit score limit for qualification purposes. This means that applicants can have low credit scores and still qualify for the loan they are looking for if they meet other VA requirements, allowing service members and the families of service members to become home owners even if their fico score may be in question. We offer a path for military applicants to find affordable poor credit VA loans for house buying or mortgage refinancing.

VA lenders base their approvals on more than just a credit score, and take into account debt to income ratios as well as income when considering if an applicant will be approved for the loan of their choice. Because of this, many applicants may not have excellent credit will find that they can still be approved for bad credit VA house loans. However, this does not mean that all applicants with low credit scores will be guaranteed approval for a Veteran's loan. It is important to know that each of these loan applications for people with bad credit are reviewed on a very case by case basis. It is also important to know that not all VA lenders extend VA home loans for bad credit scores.

Poor Credit VA Loans

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  • House Financing for Less than Perfect Credit
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  • Past Bankruptcies or Foreclosures OK
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  • No Mortgage Insurance Required

Find VA Loans for House Buying Even If You Have Poor Credit Scores

For those who are denied VA home loan due to poor credit, it is always recommended that the prospective homeowner take some time to improve their credit before trying to apply again. This time can be used to pay off some debts, allow credit blemishes to expire, or improve their income, as all of these aspects are taken into account when applying for a VA home loan.

Those with limited or low credit scores are able to obtain a poor credit VA home loan in most cases because the government will insure the loan to protect the lenders. VA mortgages are granted by private lenders to borrowers, not through the government, although the government will ensure that these private lenders will not take a loss should the borrower default on the home loan they are given. VA home loans given to those with lower credit scores will also often have higher interest rates than those given to those with higher credit scores, but other VA loan benefits may still remain in place.

These types of loans are very attractive to service members and families of service members who may not be able to find a suitable home loan elsewhere due to credit circumstances, and they offer an option for affordable home ownership to the men and women of the military.