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Verifying Income on a VA Mortgage

One of the challenges facing someone looking to purchase a home is providing the ability to repay a mortgage. Having the required documentation is half the battle in proving to lender that you have the responsibility needed to meet monthly mortgage payments. Verifying Income on a VA mortgage requires that an active or form military member has a reliable source of funds. Many VA lenders require that these former service people have an income source above and beyond what they receive from the government for their participation in one of the armed forces. Obtainment of additional documentation can mean the difference between qualifying for the loan and being rejected.

The income documentation required for a VA mortgage loan is pretty straight forward. In addition to the papers that indicate how much is being realized for payment from their active service, pay stubs from current employment opportunities should satisfy these requirements. If there are any concerns or questions as to whether a specific document is viable, consult with a mortgage lender. They can help determine if the loan application process will require additional forms of verification. This will prevent any unexpected complications when seeking to obtain the needed financing. Delays in the lending process can mean missing out on purchasing the desired house.

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Typically, W2's paystubs are sufficient in proving the ability to repay a mortgage loan. This form of documentation indicates the current income levels and helps to establish the ability to cover these monthly payments. This type of assurance will ease the overall process of the home application and help you close the deal in a more efficient manner. While the VA loan program does guarantee a mortgage, the recent crisis in the housing market has caused many lenders to take additional precautions. Any efforts than individual can undertake will improve their chances of receiving approval.

While many lenders will require no income documentation needed on VA streamline loans, it helps to be prepared. Save up any paycheck stubs and have them ready to submit to the lending officer when looking for a mortgage. This will allow the loan application process to be completed without additional complications. Being ready to take action is a characteristic of the military. The discipline required to achieve objectives is something that continues to be honored. Applying these traits to the actions needed to acquire a home loan will result in success and the satisfaction of being approved for the mortgage.